Metal Company

Company Overview

Company Specifics
Balance Sheet: Debt intensive
Operational Efficiency: high
Transition Challenges: above average
Growth Potential: strong

Bid History

Bid# Bidder Description Offer Price and Terms Total EV* NPV**
1. US Merchant Bank $68.1M cash $68.1M $68.1M
2. $Multi-Billion Asian Private Co. $60.5M cash for 80% equity purchase $68M $68M
3. $1B U.S. Private Co. $66.1M cash and note $66.1M $66.1M
4. L.B.O. Group $58.1M cash
tax advantaged structure
$58.1M $58.1M
5. U.S. Private Equity Group $57.1M cash
$2M - 3 year note
stock purchase
$59.1M $59.1M

Accepted Offer:

6. U.S. Private Company 67.6M cash
$1.5M - 3 year note
$69.1M $69.1M
* Enterprise Value ** Net Present Value
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