Pre-Sale Consulting

The LockeBridge Pre-Sale Consulting service was founded on the premise that most businesses would obtain higher valuations if owners had focused on polishing those aspects of their operation that drive value up prior to a liquidity transaction. The fact is that often times the businesses owned by our prospective clients are not value maximized prior to a liquidity event. As a result the stakeholders contribute substantial potential value to the buyer without recognizing any benefits of such potential. With over 20 well defined and measurable deliverables, The LockeBridge Pre-Sale Consulting process assists business owners to “stage” their companies for a liquidity event (sale or partial sale), resulting in a substantially higher value for the business.

"Anyone can compose a descriptive memorandum, but the team actually helped us to increase the value of the company through their insightful pre-sale consulting process. The process facilitated the identification of several growth areas that were perceived as highly valuable to potential buyers and resulted in a premium transaction value."

Mr. Joel D’ Arcy
Former President and CEO Whitbread Technology Partners

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