LockeBridge Wins The Corporate Insider's 2017 Mid-Market Investment Bank of the Year

May 2017

LockeBridge, a Boston area investment bank, has been awarded The Corporate Insider's 2017 Mid-Market Investment Bank of the Year. On two separate occassions Arianna Smith of the Corporate Insider wrote to Scott Waxler, Managing Partner of LockeBridge.
April 10, 2017
LockeBridge Announced Winner of Mid Market Investment Banking Firm of the Year Award.

Dear Mr. Waxler,  
Congratulations on your success in winning our 2017 Business Excellence Award for

      Mid Market Investment Banking Firm of the Year - USA

“The judges had no easy task in selecting the winners as there were many innovative and creative firms that made it to the shortlist. Corporate Insider looks to recognize people and organizations that have achieved the greatest of successes. Our awards reflect the most prominent business sectors that range from engineering consultants to financial advisers. We are open to a wide variety of businesses and industries that have demonstrated how they have become the forerunners and best examples to follow.”
February 10, 2017 
LockeBridge Nominated Mid Market Investment Banking Firm of the Year.

Dear Mr. Waxler,  
Corporate Insider is pleased to announce that you have been nominated as a potential winner in our Business Excellence AwardsVoting has now been running for 12 months and we have been receiving nominations for the most innovative and successful businesses across a range of industries. We look at recent performance and notable achievements over the past 12 month as well as the efficiency of the services offered.

We opened voting at the start of 2016 and sent our awards team to attended several business conferences and events across Europe, the middle east and the USA. We also sent the voting form to our subscriber base. We believe in taking a personal approach and have invested the time to meet face to face with many nominators in order to create a comprehensive file for each nominee.

Corporate Insider is a well respected source for business news, and our awards have showcased the best in the industry. We have a great panel of judges who take an ethical approach to ensure all nominees are given a fair chance. Our previous winners have included big corporations such as Bentley and Microsoft right down to start ups and niche small businesses. 

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