LockeBridge Offers Direct Access to European Investment Capital

25 Jun

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June 25th 2007

Agreement Executed with Pallas Capital of Vienna, Austria

LockeBridge Investment Banking has announced its partnership with Pallas Capital of Vienna, Austria. The basis of the agreement is to provide LockeBridge clients with direct access to the European investment community thereby taking advantage of the highly valued European currency. Equally important, Pallas Capital clients will benefit from increased exposure to middle market companies seeking capital or acquisition partners.

According to Mr. Scott Waxler, LockeBridge Managing Partner, “it is no secret that the strong European currency is pushing up valuations in the United States. The challenge for middle market companies is gaining access to the foreign investment community. Pallas Capital is in the business of raising capital within the European community. Combining the Pallas capability with our access to global strategic buyers will enable LockeBridge clients to gain access to markets that mid-market corporations would generally not be able to reach.”

Mr. Gerald Horhan, Pallas Executive Director, comments, “while the European community has advanced capabilities enabling participation in larger U.S. transactions, access to middle market transactions is challenging. The partnership with LockeBridge will provide a direct conduit to the attractive North American middle market.”

About LockeBridge

LockeBridge is a Boston based investment banking advisory firm offering a high level of domestic and international expertise to owners of middle market companies. Our successful transaction experience includes expert representation in the sale, merger and acquisition of businesses to and for strategic buyers, financial partners, private investment groups, and publicly traded companies from around the world.

About Pallas Capital

PALLAS Capital is an international investment and corporate finance group based in Vienna Austria. The main business activity of PALLAS Capital consists of providing specialized corporate finance services to small and medium sized enterprises within the European markets.


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