Industries Served

Industry Focus

LockeBridge’s services are grounded in our commitment to deliver industry-specific value. Within the industries we cover, LockeBridge has forged deep relationships and maintains real-time knowledge of emerging trends.  Across all industry practices, LockeBridge clients have included some of the best known middle market companies in their respective sectors.

Business Services

LockeBridge had advised dozens of companies operating in the Business Services industry. We employ experts with deep operating experience across various sectors. These experts are well recognized within their respective fields and have held operating positions such as CEO, President and, CFO with many having started their careers from the ground up. Employing people with a diverse background in various roles within the industry enables LockeBridge to offer holistic advice across all disciplines within our clients’ organization.

Consumer Products

From the supplier to the manufacturer and to its eventual delivery to the end user, LockeBridge has expertise across the entire consumer products supply chain. This end to end experience enables LockeBridge to advise its clients on optimally preparing for a transaction, whether it be a capital raise or exit. Our focus on understanding the businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats prior to a capital raise or exit event has often resulted in the identification of material value creation opportunities that have materially enhanced the price and structure of the transaction.

Industrial Technology

The introduction of new processes and technologies has resulted in substantial gains in efficiency and productivity. We focus on demonstrating the sustainable competitive advantages of our clients’ products and services by assessing and presenting the performance capabilities and/ or increase in the efficiency of tools, equipment, and techniques that are embedded in our clients’ offerings. Our success in credibly presenting these benefits has significantly contributed to LockeBridge’s objective of securing premium value for our clients’ businesses.

Aerospace, Defense & Government

LockeBridge has not only advised companies operating in aerospace, government and defense, they have also won large contract awards on behalf of various government subcontractors and defense suppliers. Our experience within government & defense is wide ranging, from manufacturers of electrical components used in military weaponry to laser based detection systems and consulting companies advising on complex defense contracts.

Health & Medical

Changes in healthcare costs, reimbursement rates, and federal policies are impacting the plans of most healthcare participants. As a result, we have never been more active advising on M&A transactions, strategic partnerships, and financing alternatives across a range of healthcare verticals. LockeBridge clients range from multi-billion dollar international medical device companies to companies raising a series B round to fund innovative healthcare IT initiatives.

Technology, Media & Telecom

Accelerating adoption rates and shortening product life cycles require more responsive M&A and capitalization implementation. The pace of change in the TMT sector will only continue to increase. LockeBridge is well positioned to promptly and efficiently assess, advise and execute on the rapidly changing transaction and capital demands of our clients in the hardware, software, communication, industrial, infrastructure, and internet verticals that comprise the TMT markets.

Industrial Products, Manufacturing & Services

The Industrial and Manufacturing sector is large, diverse and strewn with foreign affairs and trade issues. Not only is significant sub-sector experience critical, one must also have a strong understanding of the entire industrial products manufacturing complex and factors impacting the sector’s outlook. LockeBridge Advisors have worked in both industry as well as in various advisory capacities and provide the cross-sector insight required to effectively guide our clients.

Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry has experienced signficant growth in the “better for you” category. Emerging technologies like blockchain, nutrigenomics and innovative calorie counters promise signficant future benefits in advancing healthy food consumption. Growth in smaller middle-market companies has outpaced larger companies in this category, both in organic expansion and M&A, with many being swallowed by multi-nationals often in all cash and high earnings multiple transactions.