“The sale of Veteran’s Transportation was far more complex than we anticipated. I am thankful that we had the LockeBridge team on our side to advise us through all of the difficulties we have faced….I can now fully appreciate the thorough due diligence that William and Tyler [LockeBridge Advisors] conducted prior to engaging with us. The financial, legal and marketing work that you conducted, at your own expense, was certainly necessary to ensure that we had a high probability of selling the company and that the valuation you provided was accurate.”

Robert Kelly
President–Veterans Transportation Services, Inc., Newton Veteran’s Taxi, Inc.

“Fortunately, the thorough analysis LockeBridge performed found value others had overlooked and their ability to search out the right potential buyers resulted in securing multiple offers that were each substantially more than the valuation suggested by the other firms. From an enterprise value standpoint [the transaction] was an amazing achievement.”

Mr. Richard Beldner
Vice President & General Counsel – Kataman Metals

“We interviewed several intermediaries before choosing to go with LockeBridge. Anyone can compose a descriptive memorandum, however, the LockeBridge team actually helped us to increase the value of the company through their insightful pre-sale consulting process. The process facilitated the identification of several growth areas that were perceived as highly valuable to potential buyers and resulted in premium pricing over the value of our historical performance.”

Mr. Joel D’Arcy
CEO – Whitbread Technology Partners

“We spoke to some very prestigious investment banking firms before engaging with LockeBridge. Prior to the role-up the three companies were valued individually at a total of $13M. Mr. Waxler proposed the role-up explaining that the synergies where substantial and as a result would achieve a valuation, in his opinion, of over $20M. We were all skeptical but in the end we obtained a price exceeding the $20M estimate. Mr. Waxler told us that he could never guarantee to sell any company but he would guarantee to get us in front of the best strategic and financial buyers in the world, and he did exactly that plus some.”

Mr. Matthew Nekoroski
President & CEO – RF Medical Devices, Inc.

“We first met with Mr. Waxler in October of 2004. We had been approached directly by a company that presented us with an offer to purchase 70% of our Company. Within 6 months after our meeting, Mr. Waxler had brought us 7 offers from both strategic corporations and private equity groups which ultimately resulted in a sale that was approximately 50% higher than our prior efforts had yielded.”

Mr. John Filion
President – Wallboard Supply Company, Inc.

“During the height of the credit crunch and one of the worst economies in a century, LockeBridge was able to successfully orchestrate a complex transaction while at the same time securing an exceptional value for the shareholders. The transaction was laden with financial challenges which could have only been overcome by highly skilled bankers such as the advisors at LockeBridge.”

Mr. Paul Guerra
Lantec Products, Inc. Co-Founder

“LockeBridge gained a clear understanding of our objectives which went well beyond the transaction itself. They gave us invaluable guidance on estate planning and wealth management. This was a part of the process we had given very little thought to but turned out to be a very important step in completing the deal and preserving our wealth.”

Joe Montesano
President and CEO – Something Sweet, Inc.