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LockeBridge is a leading Boston area investment bank employing Managing Directors which have worked as M&A executives for global banks such as Lehman Brothers and Prudential Securities, and large strategic operating entities such as IBM, LPL Financial and Tyco International. The foregoing enables LockeBridge to offer comprehensive investment banking services which rival the internal M&A departments of the largest corporations and are generally only available to companies executing transactions valued in the hundreds of $millions.

Our rigorous pre-engagement diligence process represents a substantial investment in resources, born by LockeBridge, and has proven to result in superior valuation accuracy, unprecedented closing rates and enviable valuation premiums at tax optimized transaction structures. Refer to About Us for more information. As a result of this diligence process the client may elect to implement various recommendations in order to enhance value prior to a transaction. LockeBridge also offers consulting services to assist its clients in implementing both personal and corporate value creation strategies; refer to Pre-Sale Consulting.

Client Snippets

“They protected my interest, on their nickel, a year after the transaction closed!”
Matt Nekoroski, Neurotherm, Inc.

“Far more than a banker working to close a deal.  A true partner.”
David Claiborne, Winning Proposals, Inc.

“Estate planning and tax optimization – Much more in my pocket – Thanks to LockeBridge.”
Joe Montesano, Something Sweet, Inc.

“From the heart – they truly care.”
Ben Fixman, Kataman Metals, Inc.

“What happens after the closing is just as important. LockeBridge, you got it right.”
Tom Huling, ICP Medical

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