Metal Processing, Fabrication & Recycling

21 Mar

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Although subject matter expertise in not a requirement for bankers operating in many verticals, LockeBridge believes that the metal industry represents an exception. A thorough understanding of industry specific issues such as inventory valuation, trading and hedging strategies and processing technologies is critical in evaluating and representing businesses operating in the metal markets.



LockeBridge has substantial experience advising companies across various metal sub-sectors including recycling, fabrication, plating, capital equipment and brokering. We have published numerous metal industry related articles and have advised, sold and received offers from many of the most well-respected companies in the metal industry.

In addition to our experience in most manufacturing process steps (e.g. Plating, Welding, Machining, Forming, Cutting, Shearing, Rolling, Punching, Stamping) we also have significant experience in in most major metal end markets such as Building & Construction, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics and Industrial Machinery and Energy & Power.