Dr. Sheryl Waxler

Dr. Waxler began her career in the field of behavioral psychology with a PHD from the California School of Professional Psychology. For 8 years Sheryl focused her career on studying and improving such issues as organizational policies/procedures, performance and training requirements, quality improvement standards and client need’s assessment. After earning her MBA from Babson College, Sheryl decided to continue her focus in the area of client need’s assessment. In 1998 she was employed by the Forum Corporation, a leading strategy consulting business serving global 2000 companies, where she analyzed and synthesized client engagement processes and outcomes and developed models for systemic design improvements. Subsequently she founded, Inner Networks, Inc. providing organizational consulting and coaching including executive coaching to clients in various stages within the business cycle.

Sheryl applies her extensive behavioral and consulting background to assist LockeBridge in the assessment of clients’ needs. Sheryl works closely with clients to gain a detailed understanding of clients’ personal and business objectives. As Sheryl states, “We believe that clear and concise communication of such objectives are critical in insuring that the LockeBridge strategy tightly coincides with the goals of our clients”