Suren M. Seron

Suren M. Seron
Director, TMT
LockeBridge Investment Banking

Mr. Seron is a serial technology entrepreneur and skilled coder who has founded and grown several multi-million dollar businesses, primarily through expertly developing and applying leading-edge solutions at the intersection of business and technology.  His proven ability to recognize, understand and develop better technological applications for real-world marketplace needs has led Mr. Seron to the technology sector.

Early-career technological experience:

  • •     Built his first computer from scratch at age 10
  • •     Brought his small Midwest high school onto the internet and helped provision the area’s first T1 internet access data line for educational use
  • •     Paramount Digital Entertainment in Los Angeles – directly reported to several key executives, including the VP of Technology and VP of Business Development
    • •     Department of Defense – developed UNIX scripts and provided bug fixes for command and decision simulation projects
    • •     Viacom – Managed the web presence for key brands
    • •     IBM – Helped launch and beta test, an original branded IBM e-business

Educational and Business Experience:

  • •     University of Southern California graduate
  • •     Founded and grew Stray Angel Films, which successfully disrupted the lucrative Southern California production equipment rental marketplace through new applications for digital advertising and in-house SEO algorithms created and used to outrank larger established companies on Google
    • •     Starting from his apartment with one camera, Mr. Seron helped democratize the marketplace and grew the operation to a 7000 sq ft salesfloor and production facility located in West L.A. with a full-time salesforce and support staff of 20 dedicated employees
  • •     Proprietary SEO Technology – developed, tested, and implemented several proprietary SEO technologies to consistently rank products and webpages above the fold across multiple search engines both locally and internationally
    • •     Pioneer developer utilizing WebSocket, node.js, JSON, and CDN optimization
    • •     Co-founder of an international SEO and backend webserver optimization company
    • •     Currently developing a slate of leading CMS optimization plugins