ICP Medical


LockeBridge Capital Partners, a Boston area investment bank focused on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, valuations and capital raises, announced today that it has acted as the exclusive financial advisor to ICP Medical, Inc. on its sale to Team Technologies, Inc. ICP Medical is a leading manufacturer of healthcare solutions serving hospitals and medical facilities globally. ICP products are centered primarily around infection control and prevention solutions.

Mr. Tom Huling,  founder and CEO of ICP Medical commented, “LockeBridge and Mr. Waxler went way beyond both my expectations and my understanding of what bankers actually do.  I had expected that the investment banker was going to focus on structuring deal terms and financial representation however this was on a piece of the services LockeBridge provided.  Ensuring the welll being of ICP shareholders  to ensure the deal was tax efficient, minimizing the risk of post-transaction clawbacks and advising on how to fulfill the unique needs of all stake holders were all crtical issues required to consummate the transaction.

Scott Waxler, LockeBridge’s Managing Partner, commented “Every transaction has its own unique set of challenges. We work hard to take a holistic approach to optimize the entire process and outcome for all shareholders.  To do so often requires a multi-disciplined skill set which is generally unaffordable for most small to mid size companies. The required skill set  can include mutiple legal and professional services  such as, tax, regulatory, accounting, compliance, contracts, litigation, intellectual property, real estate, trusts and estates, audit, etc.   At LockeBridge we are generally able to bring our clients at least 80% of the way home on most disciplines, thereby making it very affordable to attain deep subject matter expertise in each of the required fields.