Winning Proposals, Inc.

lockebridge winning proposals

June 1, 2016

LockeBridge LLC announced today that it has acted as the exclusive financial advisor in the sale of Winning Proposals, Inc. to WP Ventures, LLC. Based in Vienna Virginia, Winning Proposals has supported the government contracting community with support services on over 1500 bid responses For more than 25 years the Company has provided personnel such as proposal writers, proposal managers, editors, graphics, pricing specialists, and capture management experts to companies seeking to do business with the Federal Government. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

According to Mr. David Claiborne, President of Winning Proposals, Inc., “We had asked LockeBridge to advise on structuring and negotiating an offer from a strategic buyer, which had expressed an interest in an acquisition. Only now do I really recognize that closing a transaction is a complex process involving substantially more than negotiating a good price. . Not only did LockeBridge structure a very favorable deal and manage all the steps to closing, they provided services far beyond the transactional requirements focusing on the personal interests, tax considerations, and wealth creation of the owners.”

Scott Waxler, LockeBridge Managing Partner states, “Winning Proposals was actually a subsidiary holding of a pension fund with multiple layers. Our objective was to create a transfer that would result in deferring materially all taxes while at the same time meeting the Sellers’ post-closing income needs.”