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Ambulatory Care and Rehabilitation

Analytical Tools

Healthcare IT

Healthcare Services/Staffing

Home Health & Hospice Care

Medical Devices, Supplies & Equipment


Outsourced Services

Post-Acute Care Facilities

Testing & Diagnostics

Select Med Device Product Experience

Respiratory Systems & Disposables

Neurological Rehabilitation Devices

Spinal Repair Devices & Disposables

Coronary Care Disposables & Diagnostics

Surgical Tables

Infection Control Disposables

Gynecological Devices & Disposables

Wound Care Disposables

Cancer Treatment Disposables & Diagnostic Devices

Endoscopy Devices

Soft Tissue Repair Consumables

Fixation Devices

Changes in healthcare costs, reimbursement rates, and federal policies are impacting the plans of most healthcare participants. As a result, we have never been more active advising on M&A transactions, strategic partnerships, and financing alternatives across a range of healthcare verticals. LockeBridge clients range from multi-billion dollar international medical device companies to companies raising a series B round to fund innovative healthcare IT initiatives.